Alexandru Culiuc

19 septembrie 2005

Galeria foto... Under construction (foreva?)

Intr-o lume ideala (in care ziua ar fi avut cel putin 25 de ore), la trei luni de la momentul lansarii situl deja gazduia o colectie de citeva sute fotografii de-ale mele. Spre regret, nici de cum nu am timp sa finalizez functionalitatea galeriei foto. Pina atunci va propun sa vizitati pagina mea de pe, care prezinta citeva zeci de fotografii facute incepind cu anul 2003.

Publicat: 19 septembrie 2005 2:52

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Adrian Hancu
20 septembrie 2005 16:36

Interesant site Dle Culiuc,
Am cautat galeria foto de care spuneati mai sus, cu citeva sute de fotografii, macar o beta versiune dar nu am gasit mai nimic.
Eh, ce sa zic, ramin in asteptarea lor (a celor nepublicate pe
A. Hancu


Alexandru Culiuc
22 septembrie 2005 6:02

Prin "am cautat galeria foto" inteleg ca ai incercat sa ghicesti URL-ul galeriei de testare. Chiar crezi ca as plasa versiunea beta la o adresa simpla gen sau :-)


Adrian Hancu
25 septembrie 2005 22:45

De ce nu? :) As cauta oricum cu ceva sa rascolesc pagina asta, dar ma multumesc cu ce vad pe


Lee Swanson
20 octombrie 2005 23:28


Are you still at Harvard?

You have an interesting array of photos, I printed out your image of the NY skyline with the twin towers and Haume. Obviously a King, but who was he? Great job of morphing it into the image. But what is the significance of him instead of France's gift of the Statue of Liberty?

I'm 20 miles from Cambridge.

Yours, Lee Swanson


Alexandru Culiuc
21 octombrie 2005 4:50

Lee, I am still at Harvard.

The king from the collage you are referring to is Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great), you can read about him on Wikepedia.

The statue of Stefan cel Mare that I pasted into the NY collage is the monument in downtown Chisinau (the capital of Moldova). In fact, I would argue that Stephen's statue has the same symbolic value to Moldovans, as the Statue of Liberty to Americans. This is particularly true in the light of the rough history it had.

Created by scuptor Eugene Plamadeala and established in 1927, the statue moved to Romania after Russia took over Moldova in 1940. The Russians brought it back after World War II, but later on moved it a dozen meters deeper compared to the original location, so that it doesn't visually compete with the statue of Lenin.

In the end however, Stephen won. After Moldova gained independence of 1991 (or maybe just before that, I don't remember exactly), Lenin's statue was removed, while Stephen was moved forward to the original spot.

Plamadeala's version of Stefan cel Mare’s face is present on Moldova's paper currency — the leu (e.g. a 1000 lei bill on the National Bank of Moldova website).

This is probably much more information than you asked for. :)

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